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Mise à jour le Lundi, 26 Mai 2014 21:17
LASTAR 1.4.0 is out !

The new version of LASTAR is out !

Just download it there.


New features :

Improved gain control algorithm and directory tree processing.
Please see pdf user manual for details.

  • Ability to process all the files of directory tree and save the processed files in another location keeping the same structure

  • When processing several files, ability to skip processing if destination file exists. This allows to update an output directory with only the new files. This option is selected by default when processing directories.

  • 2 new factory presets "Mobile Pop/rock/metal" & "Mobile Classical/Jazz" to process a collection with automatic gain control.

  • Additional command line arguments for problem diagnosis

Fixes :

  • Process didn't exit properly when closing the windows while pre-listening

  • When process is interrupted, incomplete output file is removed

  • Several problems in the compression algorithm leading to distortion or bad amplification

  • Bad handling of filenames containing non ascii characters

  • ID3V2 Track number tag is now copied to the output

  • Parallel processing would hang in certain situations

  • (internal) : bad unsigned cast leading to distortion in mp3 reading if the program is compiled with recent g++

Others :

  • Ported to QT5 for future maintenance

  • Rewritten command line arguments management

  • vc redistributable integrated to the installer

  • Upgraded intaller => better integration of uninstaller in Windows 8


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